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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Beginning on June 17, in conjunction with the highly anticipated release of Apple Computers new IPhone 3G - set to hit Apple Stores and authorized dealer on June 19, the company is scheduled to release a major software update for the IPod touch. The new features in this update are designed to make playing games, watching videos and, as would be expected, listening to music even more fun than before. As before, IPod touch owners will be able to buy movies, TV shows and audiobooks via a Wi-Fi connection through the ITunes Store. What is new in this update is automatic Wi-Fi login. Once you log into a Wi-Fi hotspot, the IPod touch remembers your user name and password and the next time you connect. The update will also allow the user to create one or more ITunes Store accounts directly from the IPod touch – it will no longer be necessary to wait for computer access to get a new ITunes account up and running.
In regard to games, Apple has built into the update the ability to connect new game accessories via the IPod touch 30-pin connector as well as Bluetooth. Also available in this update for second-generation IPod touch owners is stereo Bluetooth when the device is paired with compatible headphones. In addition, Peer-to-Peer gaming will be available with certain apps downloaded from the Apple’s App Store when available. Unfortunately this feature is not supported by the first-generation IPod touch. The update also includes push notifications so that Apps are able to receive information about specific updates even when they are not running. There is even a shake-to-shuffle feature that enables the IPod touch to bounce over to a different song from your music library by a quick shake.
The update includes many improvements for Safari – the IPod touch’s default web-browser. Users will now be able to enjoy faster performance, autofill function for user names and passwords and much, much more. Also with Sync Notes you will never have to leave a note behind. This means that users will be able to sync all of the notes written on the IPod touch back to their computers. The update also provides support for up to 34 languages and more than 40 keyboard layouts. And if you have yearned for more space to input data, there is even an option to allow for landscape keyboard display. The new software also allows for quick and easy cut, copy and paste from application to application. Blocks of web text can be selected with a simple tap. Users will also be able to copy and paste images from the web as well. Using Spotlight Search, the IPod touch is able to search across contacts, emails, calendars and notes as well as music and video playlists – all from one place.
The IPod touch’s software update can be downloaded from Apple’s ITunes store starting June 17 for $9.95 and will include all of the previous software updates released to date.

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