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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Smart Buyers Eschew the Merits of SmartPhones

There is little doubt that the SmartPhone revolution begun by the introduction of the Blackberry and subsequently thrown into overdrive by Apple’s IPhone is a merchandising success, both financially and culturally. The number of times that Twitter and tweets have been sited by news reporters, celebrities and pundits throughout the media alone should indicate that the Internet-accessible cell phone has become a mainstay for the hip and apparently, always-“connected” technosnob.
So for one small, but growing, group made up of the upwardly, technologically integrated population SmartPhones, and all the power and instant connectivity they represent, are a good thing. But what about the techno-challenged; the masses that don’t know a tweet from an IM; or your grandmother who just wants to get a ride back home after playing bingo all night? Odds are that SmartPhones may be too much of a good thing. They would probably be fine with just a no-frills, average garden variety Cell Phone – maybe one with voice activated calling – those keys are awful small and grandma’s eyesight is not the best.
And that is the point; smart buyers do not always buy the newest toy to hit the street. This takes discipline – those hip television commercials can be mighty persuasive. But once the hype is stripped away, the consumer is faced with a key decision: Upgrade to the next generation of gadget or hang in there with what works for you. How many times have you run into a friend or family member who can’t wait to bitch and moan about the crappy cell phone they ended up buying. Well, that is a situation that comes down to getting the right information before slapping down your money. An informed buyer, armed with good consumer information regarding an upcoming purchase creates the best of all possible worlds. Comparison shopping on the Internet will allow for an informed purchase, and by understanding exactly what you are purchasing, there is a good chance that you be happy with your purchase.
Buying electronics on the Internet is one of those ideal situations where knowledge and perseverance form a remarkable symbiotic relationship. The more you know, the easier it becomes to make an informed decision.
Insofar as Cell Phones are concerned, the turnover of designs and features can be mind-boggling. You find the phone that seems perfect for you, put the cost is out of your price range. Wait six months and retailer might be “giving away” the model you were unable to afford for an incredible price. If you need a SmartPhone or the latest 2.0 PMP (with built-in Wi-Fi options, etc.) there is no doubt you will be able to find it. But if all you want is a basic cell phone then why buy something that far exceeds your needs? The goal is to buy smart, and buy right and always opt for a retailer that gets good marks in customer support. That way you won’t go wrong.

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